This is a little bit about Dr. Sally who is the owner of the site.

I started out with a B.S. degree in Medical Technology from the Medical University of South Carolina. Always loving science, I was also fascinated by the working of the brain. My Master’s Degree thesis was on how our own mythology creates our reality. Or what we think about ourselves becomes true.

My Ph.D. dissertation explored the effects of traumatic brain injury on family systems. Neuropsychology is a favorite topic and fourteen years ago, I had the opportunity to study geropsychology in a residency training. Currently, besides making courses and writing, I go to medical facilities and assess levels of cognitive functioning and follow up with evidence-based therapies. I am a licensed clinical psychologist and my clients include persons with many types of neurological disorders such as various dementias, Parkinson’s disorder, ALS, Huntington’s chorea, and traumatic brain injury. Besides the effects of the disorder or injury, clients often are dealing with depression, anxiety and post traumatic stress disorder. My involvement in the care of these clients has given me the opportunity and privilege to observe how research-based methods targeting various lifestyle changes can lessen the risk of developing these illnesses.

Through some gentle changes in your life, you can age more gracefully and maintain your health to optimal levels for many years.

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